Metal Max Xeno Announced For PSVITA / PS4 With A Debut Trailer!

Kadokawa Games has released a first trailer some information & screenshots for Metal Max Xeno a newly announced PlayStation 4 and PSVITA game for the long-running Metal Max RPG series

Here is some information on the Metal Max Series

Since the release of the original Metal Max for Super Famicom in 1992, the series has won praise as a unique & original RPG set in a ‘devastated near future’ different to the worlds of traditional RPGs.

Metal Max Xeno is another Metal Max with a brand new history & setting. The series historical setting has been rebuilt on future predictions proposed by the latest science  including ‘technological singularity.’

The setting is the year 209X  the ‘true end of the century.’ The setting is ‘Death Tokio’  a wasteland of death where mankind’s destruction draws near. Talis the protagonist of the game swears revenge against the superdreadnought monster.


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