Vertical Drop Heroes HD Review

Vertical Drop Heroes HD is a game that i never knew i wanted… or better yet needed. Vertical Drop heroes “drops” the player into a world overrun buy many monsters and fiends. The player our “hero” must pass lots of different levels fighting off enemies until he reaches the holy sanctuary that holds a great secret to existence… Apart from the opening bulletin that does appear to be the main fundamental story behind the game. As soon as you start the game you have the choice to pick between three different heroes to venture through the game with. Each character will have different kinds of stats, weapons, appearance and later on ability’s. Once the character that you have chosen dies and they likely will that hero is dead and gone forever. Instead of restarting over with that same person trying the levels again you will have to pick a new character. A point made very clear in the opening dialogue of the game is that this story is also about the heroes that didn’t survive and make it! Which i think is a awesome twist on RPGs that we play now a days.

After picking your character, you are placed in an area where you are able to purchase upgrades to future heroes health, damage and coin and xp increase. Also you are able to find out what the skills that the specific hero has does. A person can also look at the tombstones on the progress of certain things for example, the amount of abilities purchased and so on.

When a person is ready to start their adventure they will travel through the portal and play through world 1 of 11. Each world has an unique biome with monsters specific to that world, which range from a meadow, snowy plains, volcano flooded floors to a haunted house themed level. Lets talk about the monsters now and i am very happy to say there is a lot of variety not just from different levels but on the same level there could be as many as 7 different enemies that all look interesting and play uniquely from the others. For example penguins can shoot ice shards that go across the screen and will freeze the player if they touch it, spiders can lay webs around the map and if the player happens to touch it the spider will teleport over to that web and attack the player and some goblins carry flags with them that if interacted with will sound a alarm to bring more enemies into the fray. Levels are scattered with enemies, crates that can contain coins, keys, health or mana potions and also destroy-able platforms as they are made of block “a la Minecraft style.” Also they are merchants that have pitched a tent on levels and can offer you different kinds of traits, skills and abilities for future heroes as long as you have the cash to bargain with. As the player kills enemies he will level up and increase his damage and health. So that he will be better at dealing with enemies and the higher levels.

The games abilities are where the fun continues, such abilities like golem shift, where the player turns into a armored beast to smash through enemies, a sentry gun that is controlled by a elf that is trigger happy and a ability that makes all the enemies on the screen “confused” so that they attack each other. These cool and new types of abilities are different to things I’ve seen before and keep the game fresh.

Sound and Graphics:

The sound in the game is nice, with a decent soundtrack that fits each specific level well. The art in the game is where it shines. I just loved the art style, even when lots of things where happening on the screen the game still looked quite lovely and vibrant. Each hero displayed a lot of detail to make sure that each hero was unique to the others and the enemy also looked well done. Flashy colours and explosions from sentry guns and bombs also where visible but not blinding which is nice.

The game costs £5.61(currency exchanged)—– $6.99 and consists of 48 Mb

I’m giving “Vertical Drop Heroes HD” a 8/10–Great!!


+Very fun gameplay

+Varied enemies

+Unique ideas

+Good music

+Awesome abilities


-End level is quite hard

-Have to repeat level 10 to get to level 11 every time…

Published by: Digerati Distribution, @DigeratiDM

Check the game out:!/en-us/games/vertical-drop-heroes-hd/cid=UP2187-PCSE00621_00-VDHPSV000000000U

Gameplay Footage:

Personal note: Vertical drop heroes is awesome! Enough said!

This has been Aubrey Hopwood thank you

Images taken by myself via PSVITA screen shots.

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