Ten Hidden Physical Vita Games

Hey its Aubrey from LatestVitaGames back with a new Vita blog post. This time around I wanted to talk about some physical vita games that you may not know even existed! This is because they are either really hard to find, were only released in one country or had very limited retail releases. Here are my top ten PSVITA games that you may not know had a physical version. Just to note this is in no particular order. Links will be provided to places where you can find more information about the games or buy them. The games listed are either English language or Japanese games that are easy to understand and have fun with.

This list does not contain “LimitedRunGames” stuff, so if you want to view that follow this link: https://limitedrungames.com/


At number 1 we have: Tadeo Jones


Full English originally released in Spain?


Number 2: Shovel Knight

Shovel Knight for PS Vita

Limited supply full English


Number 3: Hotline Miami

Buy Here https://goo.gl/xzCVXq

Fun top down shooter. Features the first game on cartridge and the 2nd as a Japanese account only download code

Number 4: Civilization revolution 2

Buy Here https://goo.gl/gPihzF

Multi language support of a good strategy game


Number 5: Best of arcade games


Originally released in short supply in one European country

Number 6: Skull Girls 2nd encore

Buy Here https://goo.gl/pVOPAs

Fun fighting game


Number 7:SUMIONI

Buy Here https://goo.gl/8iSrUp

Although looking very Asian this game looks like a cool 2d side-scrolling beat em up


Number 8: Airship Q

Buy Here https://goo.gl/iPWcWY

English subtitles


Number 9: Valhalla Knights 3

Buy Here https://goo.gl/mTjBlK

Released solely in the USA


Finally Number 10: Retro city rampage


Limited copies available full English


Photos are taken from the links provided all rights reserved to the original distributor

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