Spheroids Review

Made by Eclipse Games S.C. “Spheroids” Came swinging on to the vita on the 10th of January and I’m here to tell you whether or not you should swing on board the game, that is Spheroids.

Spheroids is one of those games where not a lot of story is needed for the fundamentals of the game to run well and be fun. Spheroids is a simple but fun game. The only problem straight off the bat is it takes far too long to get to the good and fun bits! There are a total of 8 chapters spanning 32 levels and the first 3 chapters are skipable because the fact is they were very uninteresting and boring for me… However it is good that i decided to carry on playing all the way to the end because the game gets much better and hectic with newer and dangerous types of enemies and more interesting platforming.

The enemies in the game are normally quite easy to dispatch as most just bounce up and down slowly but when you shoot them this is where the challenge comes! Ever played bubble trouble? Well basically when you shoot one of the spheroids it explodes and smaller spheroids jump from its place. The amount of spheroids inside is determined by the size of the original. The smaller spheroids are harder to deal with as they bounce from side to side and there are normally lots of them to deal with, adding to the difficulty. There are a few interesting types of enemies in the game for example a heavy spheroid that jumps only a little bit then comes crashing down to the ground impaling the player if they do not react quick enough!  There are spheroids that stay in position on either the floor or walls and they will stay still and act as a type of fixed spike if they  player hits them they will get a nasty nudge resulting in a loss of a life. Also if those sneaky spheroids were not enough pain a special green type of spheroid is able to rejoin back together if two of the same size ball hit into each other. Plus many other type of enemies, this variety in enemy types leads to the game becoming more and more interesting when multiple types of enemies are present in a level.

Its always good for a game to have a certain degree of difficulty to keep the game being interesting and fun, if a game is too easy it leads to being thought as boring however if a game is too difficult it is thought as being too stressful and annoying and no longer fun. However i feel spheroids finds a nice balance especially in the later levels. The game is enjoyable and it did manage to keep my attention to the end. The basis of spheroids is that you play the boy Lucas who is helping out the crazy scientist Otto (Remind you of Rick and Morty?) who sends the boy on dangerous missions to protect the whole world from the invasion of spheroids with nothing more than the wacky inventions that Dr.Otto provides him with!  The game features short cut scenes that feature a bit of witty humor. But apart from that they are only there to serve purpose to Lucas moving on to different locations to combat the ever increasing threat of “CIRCLES!!!”

Sound, Graphics and Controls:

The soundtrack in spheroids is nice and retro like. Well… that was my first thought but after playing through the game for quite sometime the soundtrack didn’t really seem to change and it seemed to get on my nerves and become quite annoying especially when i was dying constantly at a certain point… lets just say the music didn’t help keep me calm while playing! There don’s seem to really be any other kind of sound in the game apart from small sound effects from destroying a spheroid but nothing really notable.

The graphics in the game are as to be expected from a indie game with bright colors but also dull kinds of environments with nothing really interesting or breath taking to look at and after i was playing on one country for a while i was hoping that the next country is more distinctly different looking. Thank goodness this did seem to be the case as each level is based on a different country with unique environments to make the levels look noticeable different from each other. The controls in the game are fine, nothing really to note, but with so many unused buttons it kinda made me think that i would be unlocking much more equipment later on. But then the game ended and i was surprised that i didn’t 🙁


Apart from the problems that i highlighted through out the review. I did notice quite a few annoying bugs that cropped up and didn’t seem to be squashed when on different play throughs for example a lot of crashes happen after i died showing a fuzzy looking screen with lots of different colors. I also wished that the cut-scenes were not so fast it was quite hard for me to read the already small story that the game presented me with…

Check out the game here: https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-gb/games/spheroids/cid=EP1704-CUSA03900_00-0SPHEROIDSBUNDLE

The game costs £6.49–$7.99  and consists of 227 Mb

I’m giving “Spheroids” a 5.5/10


+Witty story telling

+Enjoyable gameplay

+Interesting ideas and gameplay


-Slow build up

-Little replay-ability value

-Short: Being finished in under 3 hours

-Annoying soundtrack

Personal note: If you want to play a quick indie game that is sure to keep you interested to the very end, with new abilities and enemies being introduced along the way, then give “Spheroids” a spin.

This has been Aubrey Hopwood thank you

Images taken by myself via PSVITA screen shots.

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