Last Wings Review

I think that Last Wings is perfect! Perfect for a handheld device that is! It has that great pickup and play attitude. Sometimes I don’t feel in the mood to in gross myself in a game with a heavy story, when I only have 20 minutes to spare. Therefore indie games like “Last wings” are my go to titles. “Last Wings” is a fighter plane simulator. You pick your plane from a list of three different fighter jets. Which each have different kinds of skills and weapons available to them. Some planes have the ability to drop floating mines, fire shot gun pellets as well as other weapons.

The game features a leveling up system, that works throughout all three modes; tutorial, local and multiplayer. Leveling up happens when you destroy an opponents plane, take down the enemy base or finish a game. When leveling up, the player gains access to the other planes, more weapons and different kinds of skills that can be utilized while playing the game. For example increased health, energy, xp gain,speed, fire rate and life recharge rate. Tutorial mode is where you learn “how to fly” and “Shoot”. The problem with that is its pretty obvious and you don’t get to learn some helpful tips and tricks that would have been better to teach in the tutorial. For example using the speed up or slow down thrusters to give more accuracy when firing. Local mode is where you get to chose to play on four different maps with slight variations. In terms of back ground and the colour variations of the map and fight against other planes in a assortment of modes. Like score attack where its lone wolf time, team fight where you have a squad of 4 other fighters by your side, base attack where you must defend your base while trying to destroy the opponents base, and a wave type of mode like  search and destroy where you must win 4 rounds to win the whole game. Its nice that there are assortment of different modes but there is defiantly a lack of maps with no real interesting design.

Sound, Graphics and Controls:

The game comes with no soundtrack or background noise which leads to very dull and silent moments. The game could have done with some kind of soundtrack maybe war march music, to set the tone of the game but there is nothing. The sound department of the game isn’t that interesting either, just some generic shooting sounds and explosions.

Controls are fine and can be used to generally give you the abilities you need to outmatch and out skill your opponents with for example the left and right bumpers are used to either speed up or slow down your craft. Speeding up can be useful for perusing your enemies or for fleeing enemy fire. The slow down bumper is good for when you want to stop your craft or slow down so that you can be much more accurate with your shots.Graphic are pretty basic and to be expected from a average indie game, bright colours cartoon like designs for planes, explosions and structures used in the maps.


The problems that i had with the game are that I had no indication if the three different planes i got to chose from had varying health, speed or strength. So my selection of plane for me, was down to the arsenal of weapons that the planes gave me. Whereas if the planes had different attributes and i actually knew about them, i would be able to use these attributes in different play styles. Which would give the game the degree of skill compared to blindly shooting and praying. The game has some jitters and jolts down to frame rate problems that seem to crop up a little bit too much for my liking! XD

The game costs £5.79—– $7.99 and consists of  72 Mb

You can grab your copy here:!/en-gb/games/last-wings/cid=EP1348-CUSA05980_00-0000000000000005

I’m giving “Last Wings” a 5.5/10


+Decent amount of modes•

+Online multiplayer•

+Pick up and play gameplay•

+Fun gameplay


-Basic looking•

-Few maps•

-No music

Personal note: Last wings is good for some quick pick up and play action… but little much more.

This has been Aubrey Hopwood thank you

Images taken by myself via PSVITA screen shots.

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