Made by “Beatshapers” and published and ported by “SPL” (Smartphone labs LLC)  is “#KILLALLZOMBIES.” A progressively difficult top down shooter. Killallzombies pits a random male protagonist in an ever changing square arena. In which you, the player must kill as many zombies and survive for as long as humanly possible before… well turning into a zombie! Kill all zombies awards you for decimating zombies to the degree at which the more zombies you kill the higher your level. Every time your player levels up he has a choice of 4 perks to pick from. Some are timed perks for instance you gain a new weapon for a short period of time or they can be stat increasing abilities, for example the ability to reload or shoot quicker, these last till you die. The selection of perks is randomized each time, therefore keeping each experience new and unique from the last and with apparently 100+ perks to chose from no matter how many times you play the game you are sure to be in for a surprise or two. This kind of play-style reminds me of 10tons’ “Crimsonland” game and to be fair if I can compare it to “Crimsonland” you know that you are going to be in for some enjoyment. Killallzombies has some interestingly different perks from the norm, for example a perk that allows you to shoot a massive blast of a rainbow that obliterates the screen and everything in its way !  May I just say it looks as good as it sounds.

Killallzombies’ winning point  is in its randomness. With the constant changing environments and randomness of perks. The longer you survive the higher the wave and the more crazy the environment changing gets. Also the stronger and faster the zombies get. As wave goes by you are introduced to new types of zombies for example a big bloated zombie, skinless four legged dogs? and big powerful boulder wielding bosses that want to make your life a misery . If there is an end point to the game i have not found it… yet! The game features, to my knowledge about 10 guns? Which is pretty decent not as much as crimson-land’s arsenal but its reasonable enough. All the way to the predictable handgun, shot gun, machine to alien plasma  rifles, a radioactive cross  bow and a colorful flare-gun. Like i said before, the game arena changes with hexes being raised and lowered to provide obstacles. Crates falling from the sky that can crush you if you do not heed their warning and lots of traps that can be your best friend or your worse enemy if you do not have a solid footing. This does make the game much more interesting and i do like the idea i just feel more stuff could have been done.

Sound, Graphics and Controls:

The game features a soundtrack that is only available in the menu selection which is some kind of rock/pop song with actual vocals which i must say is quite catchy ♫ Looks like we have reached the end but I don’t wanna live again ♫ …errr sorry. The funny thing is I didn’t have to start the game back up to remember that it was actually stuck in my head that’s  how good I think it is. The in game music is pretty dampened and quiet providing a sci-fi  like atmosphere. A little personal note I would have loved for the main menu music to be Incorporated into the actual game it would make the process of eradicating zombies more pleasing. The sound of some of the guns is quite basic and does not give the sense of power that some guns deserve, the M16 sounds like a empty guns clicking noise. However some guns like the flare gun sound very powerful and strong in your hand. The games perk and wave commentator sounds booming and eerie however at times i felt as if it sounded like the halo commentator not that its a bad thing, just not very new..

Before the game came out, I looked it up online and found its steam page, I was looking at the graphics and I found myself  pleasantly surprised! it looks great! Awesome lighting, mist and visuals to make the game worth anyone’s interest. BUT!! That’s unfortunately not the case with the vita port the game don’t look… bad? It just don’t look too good… The enemy sprites are quite fuzzy in this version and visuals really are bare boned, which is a shame. How ever that does not take away from the overall enjoyment of the game.

Controls are good, the mapping of the buttons makes sense unlike some games cough*(inset game name from a huge list here) cough* left stick is to move,  right stick to shoot, triangle button to get the perk options out and “X” button to melee. The only problems I had with the controls is the melee attack stops the player in his tracks when he uses it which is admittedly stupid. Meaning you could hit the “X” button you would stop running kill maybe 1 or 2 zombies and then be completely surrounded and overwhelmed by the time you get moving again. Its likely you will not melee attack much or at all. Another small note is I wish there was some kind of sight on the guns so that i knew where i was actually aiming. But that’s just a small hitch.

Now to the negatives with the game… One of Killallzombies main advertising point is in its “100+ perks” yes that maybe true however after many hours of playing through the game I ran into and saw many “filler” perks where some were completely pointless when compared to other perks in the selection. For example i had a selection between picking a perk that killed all enemies on the screen with no cost or a perk where i would lose 2/3 of my health to kill all the enemies on screen and get less xp than killing them my self? which one would you choose… Further look into how many perks there are i counted about 87 hmm a bit misleading…

Another problem I had with the game was that the hexes do not give you any kind of indication that they are going to drop down or launch up and if you are standing on a hex at the time this happens you die instantly. Its not like there isn’t enough things trying to kill you in this game. Although this is not a regularly occurrence as i feel the hex’s are raised to move in a position you are not in however it is still annoying.

The game costs £3.99—– $4.99 and consists of 76 Mb

I’m giving “#KILLALLZOMBIES” a 6/10


+Ever changing arena •

+Lots and lots of perks!•

+You have the ability to kill zombies.. enough said•

+Fun gameplay


-Some filler and useless perks•

–Bland graphics and fuzzy enemy sprites.•

-No local CO-OP like the steam version.

Personal note: If you are looking for a mindless run and gun experience that is sure to keep your interest and if you love killing zombies as much as me check out #KillallZombies and if you are a fan of the best handheld console in the world stay right here for more reviews and news! This has been Aubrey Hopwood, thank you.

Images taken by myself via PSVITA screen shots.

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