Bridge Constructor Review

If i ever had any dreams of becoming a architect, bridge constructor leaves those dreams at the bottom of the ocean. I normally find myself to be pretty good at video games, being able to pick up a new game and play competently very quickly. However for this game i found myself struggling to develop in effectiveness since the start of my play time to the very end. That’s not to say that i didn’t get far in the game or that i didn’t have fun.. All im saying is i didn’t really see a clear pattern in how i should have structured my bridge in order to progress in levels. For me it was all down to trying lots of different things and half the time seeing my creations collapse in hilarious ways. Odd to say but one of my enjoyments with the game is when i play the scenario and see my cars or trucks drive along the bridge and watch as my bridge slowly but surely breaks into a dozen pieces and see the funny ways in which this happens! Not going to lie i actually had a blast while playing with one of my friends next to each other. Where we would take turns trying to complete a level with our wacky bridges, which we would both laugh about and then burst out laughing when our bridge would just fail! I get that this may have not been the reason behind the game, but i must say i did have fun with the game, even on my own i would laugh to myself when my bridge broke, which in fact is a good change to other games where instead if they tried many times on a level and couldn’t complete it, people would be getting stressed out and maybe rage quit.

I believe the problems for my issues relies on the tutorials, beside from the first level telling you exactly how to place the components of the bridge. There seems to be no other real tutorial… Which is quite a problem… for me at least. A more in depth tutorial explaining what keeps the bridges up and what are more stain able ways to build bridges would have been helpful.

The game has some interesting gameplay physics, those being “weight” depending on what vehicle you decide to chose to drive across your bridge will put different amounts of pressure on your creations. If there is too much pressure then the bridge will collapse, you will be given indication on the pressure the bridge is under with the piece of the bridge having different colours green means its fine and red means its just about to give way. This is helpful in making sure next time round the bridge is able to support the cars or trucks because you can build around this and try give the different areas of the bridge more support. (My suggestion criss-cross everything!!! that’s how i got through XD)

The game features five normal islands with around 8 levels on each with each level being more difficult to complete than the last. There is also three other islands with around 8 levels on each of the islands this time around instead of building bridge that are normally standing straight across, the bridges in this mode with go downwards in a type of sloping way, this adds a even higher degree of difficulty to the already hard to master game. There is a lot of content here though.

Sound and Graphics:

The music in the game is nice with a triumphant sounding track which really relates when you manage to get your vehicles across your own masterpiece of a bridge! Crashing and breaking sounds of the parts of the bridge add to the hilarity. But also highlights your failures more… So a win-lose situation. The visuals of the game are pretty basic, nothing spectacular, however nothing too dull, bright colours and quite sharp objects, things to be expected from a decent indie game.

The game costs £7.99—$9.99 and consists of 385 Mb

I’m giving “Bridge Constructor” a 6/10


+Funny moments

+Cool weight physics

+Puzzler with modernday twist

+Hard levels for those puzzle solving fanatics


-Hard to grasp gameplay

-No real tutorial

-Very hard levels for casual players


Check the game out:!/en-us/games/bridge-constructor/cid=UP0825-PCSE00869_00-BRIDGECVITASCEA0

Gameplay Footage:

Personal note: If you are looking for a puzzler with a modern day twist check out bridge constructor

This has been Aubrey Hopwood thank you

Images taken by myself via PSVITA screen shots.

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