Battalion Commander Review

Battalion Commander is SPL’s port of their mobile, endless runner/forward scrolling shoot ’em up game. Now let’s not jump the gun here and dismiss it because it’s a mobile port. I was intentionally only meaning to play Battalion Commander for a short while, give you guys a review and then be done with it, however like most good/predictable mobile games I found myself hooked on it for quite some time, because of its addicting nature. For instance the game allows for a lot of different upgrades that gets unlocked as you play, which you buy with money earned from completing mission or just annihilating enemies. These upgrades make you as powerful as a fully fledged battalion! oh i guess that’s why its named the way it is! It also makes it more interesting. Talking about enemies there is a lot of variety leading for some unique and very fun battles ahead. From normal ground units with machine guns, snipers, rockets and flamethrowers to mortars. guard towers, tanks, enemy cars and much much more unkind units who want nothing more than to make you suffer!

Once the games boss has been beating not spoiling anything there don’t worry! You unlock a second mode in which you going to have to have your wits about you because its  a extremely chaotic endless mode! The game features high score leader-boards to keep you engaged for longer to try and triumph over others.

Sound, Graphics and Controls:

The soundtrack is pretty basic and okay nothing special just a bit of military triumph music which i must say fits in well and suits the mood of the game. The other sound effects were a bit dampened and bland but nothing to take away from the overall experience and enjoyment of the game.Graphics are pretty predictable from what you would expect from a mobile game not bad just not breathtaking, it has a nice wide range of colors to keep the visuals pretty and different.

The controls of Battalion Commander are simple and that’s not a bad thing! You control the movement of the whole battalion with the left analog stick and you occasionally tap the screen to use your special ability and that’s a good thing because gameplay is simple and easy to get stuck into which is important because lets remember it is a mobile port, there is no special combos you have to learn to master the game just your left analog stick and your reflexes and decisions.

I had some in game performance issues with the odd freeze or jitters here and there especially when the on screen action became more frantic. Cheap death syndrome also made an unwelcome appearance.At times random rocket turrets would pop up right in front of my character giving me zero reaction time & instant death regardless of my health bar status. Cheap death syndrome didn’t stop there… oh no it didn’t, a very frequent glitch in which the enemies sniper units line of fire would not show up became a pain for me when phantom shots lead to my demise. The game also leads to some frustration after a while from constant deaths without much progress.

The game costs £3.29—$2.99 and consists of 55 mb

I’m giving “Battalion Commander” a 5/10


+Fairly okay visuals and wide color pallet•

+Addicting game play via unlockables •

+Fun shoot em up•

+Wide variety of enemies


-Lots of cheap feeling deaths•

–Regular stutters •

–Once everything is unlocked game feels finished

Verdict:  If you are looking for a new shoot em up on the vita to keep you busy for a short while then check out “Battalion Commander” however if you are looking for a engaging story and weeks of endless fun maybe check out final fantasy!

This has been Aubrey Hopwood thank you

Images taken by myself via PSVITA screen shots.

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