Air Race Speed Review

“Qubic Games” and “Sp.z o.o./CIRCLE Entertainment” presents us with one of the fastest games to hit the PSVITA ever! Air race speed’s gameplay revolves around speed, skill, precision and a lot of split second decisions. Oh and there will be a lot of split second decisions to make in this game i promise you that.“Qubic Games” and “Sp.z o.o./CIRCLE Entertainment” presents us with one of the fastest games to hit the PSVITA ever! Air race speed’s gameplay revolves around speed, skill, precision and a lot of split second decisions. Oh and there will be a lot of split second decisions to make in this game i promise you that.

The game features 3 fast paced tiers to take on, with 8 maps per tier featuring the main game mode of the title and that is a relay type of game mode where the player must commandeer 1 of 9 different ships through a map, reaching checkpoints till they get to the end of the mission. Sounds simple right? Well the game is all about speed and they were not joking when they said that. You will be trying to complete the maps as fast as you can so that you can gain all 3 stars and get the fastest time going. But you must also dodge loads of interesting obstacles at super sonic speed. Talking about obstacles there are a fair few different ones that will destroy your ship on the first viewing because you would be unaware of what they do until they blow up your ship. Some dangle from the ceiling others move around. Although this may not sound to hard when your going nearly the speed of sound it can be hard to get out of dodge! (thats a saying btw XD)

As stated before there are 9 different ships for you to fly. But in order for you to have access to all of these ships you have to unlock them first. The way in which you unlock ships is by getting enough stars, shiny stars are unlocked by completing stages in the allocated time. Each ship has a different model and attributes like; speed, handling and nitro. With the later ships being the best but also the most dangerous as they are much faster and therefore harder to handle and dodge obstacles with, if your reactions are slow.

Besides from the main missions there are 9 bonus missions, these levels consist of you flying through floating rings in order of the one that is shown blue all the way to the end. This mode can be slightly challenging as you must go fast while also pulling of tight turns! I believe the main point of this mode is for you to get better at handling.

The last mode is three different endless levels where each time you pass a checkpoint your ship gets increasingly faster plus you have three lives. I did have fun with this mode just like the rest of the game hence the reason i managed to get a platinum in the game it was that fun that i had to get all the trophies 43 odd in total which is neat.

Sound, Graphics and Controls:

I enjoyed the sound design in Air race speed, although there was not much in terms of different sound effects the ones that there are is good. For instance when you fly past obstacles at high speeds it makes a awesome zooming sound like “vhooooom” which i found to be a nice little addition. Also the sound of fire burning coming from the nitro is pretty solid. The game also comes with a few soundtracks. The reason i say a few is because every time i played a mission i heard a new track and beat which is nice because too much of the same can get boring especially in a game where there is not much variety. The music is loud and really getting the game going and pumping. I was pleased that the soundtrack was loud not in the annoying sense but loud to go with the type of adrenaline kicking gameplay that was presented to me!

I was also very pleased to see that the graphics of the game are really great and sci-fi like. Each level had varied environments for example a factory, outer space, and inside a beasts belly, that were really nice looking and the detail on little things looks great. The ships look really good and detailed and each one stands out as being different. Even while going at super sonic speeds i was able to take in the great sights that the game had to offer.

The controls of the game are good. I feel as if i was able to handle my ship well and with precision to duck and dodge out of the way of traps and obstacles. I believe the movement of the ship was smooth and not clunky in anyway, plus theres only one other button and that is “X” for nitro which is placed correctly.


I didn’t really have many problems with the game, the port runs well no frame rate issues, the gameplay is fun, the music is nice there is a lot of replay ability value here. However i can’t just give the game a 10/10 because well the game is not stellar and is not going to be mentioned as game of the year. Why? well the game contains no epic story, not that the game need an epic story to be engaging because it doesn’t, it just wont get  a 10/10. I literally feel like there is little wrong with the game mainly because i really enjoyed it plus its only £3.99, im glad i played this game and i think you should play it too! So what are you waiting for pick it up here!!.!/en-gb/games/air-race-speed/cid=EP2696-PCSB00996_00-AIRRACESPEEDEURO

Okay okay okay, i can see a few problems with the game that some people might have for instance there is only a few modes and people may feel the gameplay is slightly repetitive, not that im complaining because like i said before i feel its great content for the asking price.

The game costs £3.99—– $4.99 and consists of 76 Mb

I’m giving “Air Race Speed” a 7.5/10


+Great visuals •

+Varied environments •

+Fun gameplay•

+Good soundtracks•

+Edge of seat gameplay


– Slightly repetitive gameplay•

–Few modes•

Personal note: Air race speed is an adrenaline junkies dream, with fast paced flying and dodging action and a reasonable price tag I couldn’t recommend a better flying indie game to enjoy over the winter period.

This has been Aubrey Hopwood thank you!

Images taken by myself via PSVITA screen shots.

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