3 Worst Vita Games Ever

Every console is home to games that just didn’t hit the mark in quality, enjoyment or presentation. With consoles being packed with games that are boring, broken or down right terrible. Unfortunately our beloved PSVITA has a couple of these games in its library. If you are thinking Nihilistic Software’s Call Of Duty game is on this list you will be far from right. Before I begin counting down my picks for the 3 worse vita games ever I would like to point out this is all done by my “Aubrey Hopwood” own opinion and thoughts.

Number 3: Proteus. Proteus is a beautiful indie game with magical music and moments. It truly is a delight to walk and explore the world of Proteus. Its unique and cute style of the world screams for it to be explored! I bet your thinking why is it Number 3 on my worse vita game ever list then? Well.. the problem is “Proteus” is not a game, it really isn’t, its an adventure title in which you explore for only about an hour a cartoon world. When i pick up my vita and load up a game i expect to play a game. Proteus is extremely skip-able because its just so boring after about 30 minutes of “Game-play”

Number 2: Gravity Badgers. Gravity Badgers is actually a game so why is it not number 3 on the list? Well Proteus’s beauty is keeping its place above these games. Gravity Badgers is basically angry birds space. But…. much much much more boring. There are 140 stages! but they are all so similar plus the game involves no skill just endless amounts of trial and error. The game changes the pace of seeming like a game where i could find some amount of joy to a annoying chore.

Number 1: Zombies the last survivor. Below and behold oh and i really do mean “BELOW” and behold, one of the worse vita games to infest our dear handheld. “Zombies: The Last Survivor” When you first boot up “Zombies: The Last Survivor” you know your in for a bumpy ride and i need to tell you something i don’t enjoy bumpy rides. “Zombies: The Last Survivor” is down right abysmal (im just trying to find synonyms for the word “bad” to fill this paragraph with) from Microsoft paint visuals, to terrible and frustrating gameplay Infotronik Games who ever the hell they are’s game is trash. It really kills me to say that because I love zombie games but this game is not worth your buck. I just want to kill zombies and even that is hard to do because you are not able to see what you are shooting at because there is no ray cast line. Ps the game has the worse placement of a sprint button i have ever seen in my life “You have to swipe the screen..! WHAT!”

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